A province of DR Congo is larger than State of California,bordering Lake Tanganyika to the east, Zambia to the south, Angola on the west.   Its population over 4.1 million

Lubumbashi -  capital city of Katanga Province, pop. 1.2 million, second largest city in D.R. Congo and location of our  diocesan office.
Diocese  - inaugurated in 1986, over 36 parishes and 11,000 members.The Anglican Church in the Diocese of Katanga collaborates with other churches in Katanga and is part of the protestantant churches network established under the banner, Church of Christ in Congo.(ECC)
Bishop Rt Rev. Bertin Subi elected and consecrated to Anglican Diocese of Katanga in 2016
The War A peace treaty in 2002 should have ended the civil war which began in 1998, but some continuing factional fighting has displaced thousands of Congolese civilians.
Peace and Reconciliation Seminars facilitated by ECC, Anglican and Catholic churches. Seminars need to be are ongoing since first held in North Katanga in 2007 when Mayi Mayi leaders agreed to cease hostilities when they acknowledged the trauma suffered by fellow villagers.
Our invitation
We are appealing to churches, missionary organizations and all those supporting global Christian mission, to help us realize our projects in response to our ultimate mission to spread the Good News and build the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ everywhere in the world.


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