MKM work in Kapolowe

Below:A grassroots community-based program, MKM, trained 60 participants to be involved in sustained development and self-reliant community projects.

 Women's Literacy Program -see  OEFFMM

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 Diocese of Kalemie

Following the partitioning of Kalemie Diocese into Kalemie Diocese in the north and Katanga Diocese in the south,

Bishop Elisha Twenda

was installed as assistant bishop to the new diocese

Below: 12 girls from orphaned or vulnerable family situations commenced a 3-year Dressmaking apprenticeships through the Youth Dept of Anglican Diocese of Katanga and funding from Trinity Church, USA.

Please Pray for
- preparation for new diocese of Kalemie
- for success and benefits of self financing projects in agriculture, public transport and construction of the women's agricultural depot undertaken in diocese.

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