Transport for Christian workers
Providing motorbikes to workers who have to travel hundreds of kilometers for pastoral and administrative visits means people in remote areas have an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.
Rural Churches without roofs
Church in rural communities are, also used for community seminars and meetings activities. Continual maintenance of straw buildings is very expensive because of the prevalence of termites.
Providing Bibles and training
With 80% of rural population in extreme poverty rural pastors cannot afford to purchase their own bible.
We aim to provide basic bible training courses in rural areas as well as towns

Work Among Pygmies

In Manono and Nyunzu 4 new churches have been established and self-governed by pygmies. Below is a pygmy congregation outside their "church" meeting place

Pygmy congregation

Above: Pastor Vincent,30 years in minstry receives his first bicycle- provided by overseas donors Below: state of roof of a rural church

Manono rural church

 For more details of our achievements see Anglican Church of Congo, Diocese of Katanga CLICK HERE


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