Development work of the diocese is based on the belief that lives can be transformed by faith in Jesus Christ. Transforming people is a goal linked to ensuring justice and equality for all.

Our Social Development work

The Church is actively involved in improving the well-being of the population as a testimony to its evangelical mission.While the country is rich in mineral resources, most of the its people are in extreme poverty on less than $1 a day.

Through overseas sponsorship the diocese has been able to :
  •   conduct peace and reconciliation seminars
  •   conduct HIV/AIDS support and education programs
  •   run  anti-malaria programs(CORESA and NETSFORLIFE)

  •   literacy and dressmaking classes for marginalised and disadvantaged women (OEFFMM)

  • construct hydrants for clean water
  • refurbish school buildings See SCHOOLS page

Community involvement

In North Katanga through the Peace and Reconciliation process, lives have been changed, emotional burdens and fears  have been lifted through forgiving and being forgiven.

Churches previously closed through lack of bibles have reopened as pastors receive bibles and bible training.
Rural development with corn mills is restarting where our training has been held.

Congolese women

Above: Mothers Union women's literacy  class 
Below: Micro-credit projects to start income generating activities


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